Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mini-Reviews: Smith, Christie and Kinsella

I read the following 3 books on vacation, and they were all great beach reads!

Joy in the Morning is a lesser known book by Betty Smith, author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. However, I found it just as enjoyable to read! Joy in the Morning is the story of the first year of marriage for Annie and Carl Brown. Annie is just 18, and Carl is a 20 year old law student at a university in the Midwest in the late 1920s. Money is tight, but they still find a way to manage to live and enjoy a few simple creature comforts here and there. While there may be some who would find this book a bit dull, I loved both Annie and Carl from the beginning, and found it a delight to read about their lives together!

Date completed: November 9, 2008
# of pages-296

Sophie Kinsella's The Undomestic Goddess is a light and funny, if a bit unbelievable story about a 29 year old lawyer who has spent the last 7 years of her life working long, hard hours to try to realize her dream of becoming the youngest partner in her law firm. Her life isn't her own, because she is virtually chained to her cell phone and Blackberry. However, when she discovers that she missed a very important deadline that could potentially cost a client millions of dollars, she panics and ceases to make any rational decisions. The rest of the story is a bit unbelievable, but I couldn't help but like Samantha, and I found myself chuckling at the situations she found herself in, and her reactions. I would recommend this for a fun beach read!

Date completed: November 11, 2008
# of pages: 384

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie is an eerie mystery about 10 strangers from completely different backgrounds who find themself in a house on a small island with no access to the mainland. The owner of the island, U.N. Owen, is absent, and after one guest suddenly dies within the first few hours, and a second dies soon after, it becomes apparent to the remaining guests that their lives are in danger. No one knows whom to trust or who will be next! This is a classic mystery that I never figured out until I read the epilogue!

Date completed: November 13, 2008
# of pages: 264


Joy said...

It's nice to see you back, Laura!

I really enjoyed A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, so I may just have to add this onto my TBR list. :) I enjoy Kinsella for my chick lit fix - she makes me giggle. And, I read the A.C. book not too long ago and didn't figure it out either. Good mystery.

Trish said...

First--yay for hitting your 40 book goal! Second, I may have to borrow the Agatha Christie from you--I haven't read anything by her and even though I don't read a whole lot of mysteries, I love that it isn't that that is easily figured out!

Literary Feline said...

I have Undomestic Goddess sitting in my TBR collection. I've enjoyed the other Sophia Kinsella books I've read and so know not to expect complex or serious. I am glad to hear you enjoyed it!

And I have yet to go wrong with an Agatha Christie novel. I don't think I've read this one though. :-)

I hope you had a great vacation!

Jeane said...

I liked hearing a little bit about what you thought of Joy in the Morning. I did try to read it once, but got bored and put it back down. I loved A Tree Grows in Brooklyn so much, this one was disappointing for me. I've got Maggie, Now on my shelf- perhaps I'll like that one better. Or maybe I should be more patient with Joy in the M.

cj said...

And Then There Were None is vintage Christie and I loved it. I really need to go and haul some books off the third floor, including hers. I feel like re-reading some of them!


Laura said...

Joy--I think Smith has written at least one other book--Maggie, Now-- and I intend to read it as well if I can find it!

Trish--maybe I can hit the 50 book mark, but that is pushing it, considering there isn't much time left in the year! THe AC book would be a great quick read in between classics :)

LF--I didn't realize until recently how many books Agatha Christie has written. I'm going to have to read some more!

Jeane--I can see how Joy in the Morning could be boring--there really isn't a whole lot that happens in the entire book! I think the fact that I read it in a little over a day made it more enjoyable.

CJ--what other Christie books do you recommend?

Tiffany Norris said...

Glad you're back! In answer to your last post, I do not review every book I read. Sometimes you just have to pick and choose. :)
The only definite reviews--if it's been sent to me as a review book or if it's for a challenge. Good luck catching up!
(And I *heart* Betty Smith, too.) :)

cj said...

Well, you would have to ask!

I'm more of a Poirot fan so keep that in mind. Here are a few off the top of my head:

Murder on the Orient Express
Death on the Nile
Evil Under the Sun

And for Miss Marple, I really enjoyed The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side


Trish said...

Left you an award/meme here. No pressure!

Trish said...

Hmmm...deadlink. Boo!

Bookfool said...

Joy in the Morning sounds like my kind of book! Thanks for reviewing it. If I were Trish, I'd borrow it from you. That would be so cool, having a book blogger friend nearby.

I loved The Undomestic Goddess.

alisonwonderland said...

i'm adding Joy in the Morning to my to-read list. i finally read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn last year - and it was a highlight of the year.

The Undomestic Goddess is my favorite of Kinsella's books. i think i relate to Samantha. :)

i don't think i've read And Then There Were None, but my 12yo daughter just read it for her middle school English class. i guess i ought to read it.

Stephanie said...

Oh, I just adored Joy in the Morning! I was really surprised by some of the racier parts though, or that sex was mentioned at all! (Not offended, I don't offend easily, but surprised.) It was a very sweet story.