Sunday, November 30, 2008

Persuasion by Jane Austen

Title and author of book: Persuasion by Jane Austen
Fiction or non-fiction? fiction
What led you to pick up this book? I have read 3 Austen novels, and I would like to read them all. And, since I already owned it,this was a perfect book to read for Trish's Classics Challenge.
Plot summary: Anne Elliot is the middle daughter of Sir Walter Elliot, a rather silly and vain man. In her early 20s, she falls in love with Frederick Wentworth, and wishes to marry him. However, Lady Russell (her friend and mother-figure) discourages the match, and Anne breaks off the relationship, which breaks Wentworth's heart as well as her own. Eight years later, she again becomes acquainted with Wentworth, but he seems to be interested in one of her friends.
What did you like most about the book? Jane Austen does a good job with the different characters--they all have their own unique personalities. I also would describe the entire book as pleasant. Though there isn't much action or suspense, it was a nice, solid story with a good plot that didn't drag out too long.
What did you like least? I had to read the book much slower than usual to fully comprehend all the language.
Have you read any other books by this author? I've read Pride and Prejudice, and I loved it (and the movie with Keira Knightley), as well as Northanger Abbey and Emma. I really don't remember Emma or NA, so I would like to re-read them, as well as read the other two Austen novels.
What did you think of the main character? I like Anne Elliot as much as, if not more, than Elizabeth Bennett. She is kind, level-headed, and well-liked by all who meet her. Her only flaw is that she can be persuaded by others to go against her own wishes (hence the title??).
Any other particularly interesting characters? Anne's father, Sir Walter, is so ridiculous. He cares little about his own daughters, and all his attention is upon himself and his status. I really liked Admiral Croft and his wife. They don't think about societal conventions at all, but they do as they please. It's neat that they spend so much of their time together simply because they enjoy each other's company.
If this book has been made into a movie, and if you’ve seen the movie, compare the book to the movie.: I haven't seen a movie version, but I know there are multiple movies out there, and I would like to see one!
What did you think of the ending? (slight spoiler warning) I know there are some people who are a little annoyed with the way Austen's books wrap up so nice and neatly, but it makes me so happy! There are so many books that have a sad ending, or just leave you hanging, that it is nice to have a good, solid ending.
Do you recommend this book? I definitely recommend it! It isn't too long, and the story is engaging and wholesome.
(I borrowed this questionnaire from Dewey).

Date completed: November 28, 2008
# of pages: 150


Stephanie said...

This is the one and only Austen I've read (I know...totally sad). But I really loved this book!!

Nice review.

Karen said...

I have read all of Austen's novels and this is my favourite by far! I love the ending too. The recent movie production by the BBC is great too.

Tiffany Norris said...

Just read this one for book club earlier this year and LOVED it. Glad you are an Austen fan, too!

Trish said...

I'm glad you liked this one so much! And I feel like that "wrap up so nice and neatly" comment was directed straight at me. :P I guess that's not always such a bad thing. I think the quickness of the wrap up is what gets to me.

Laura said...

Stephanie-I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this book as well! Do you plan to read any other Austen books?

Karen-It seems like Pride and Prejudice is most frequently the favorite, but I think this one was just as good!

Tiffany-yay! another Persuasion fan!

Trish-I wasn't trying to single you out, but maybe your Emma review was fresh on my mind?? I think if I read several Austen books back to back, the endings would maybe get to me a little, but I don't mind the nice and neat endings now and again. It does seem very convenient though...

Bookfool said...

I thought this one was slightly slow going, but I loved the ending and agree completely. I adore an uplifting ending with everything all tied up in a bow, as long as it isn't forced -- the ending has to fit the beginning and middle and I think Jane knew how to do that well.

____Maggie said...

Have a Happy New Year! :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Austen. Thanks for sharing.

Tiffany Norris said...

Hope your 2009 is off to a good start!