Saturday, May 17, 2008

The name of my homeplace and a giveaway!

Maggie is holding a contest to give away a signed copy of Mudbound by Hillary Jordan. I saw this book reviewed in People several months ago and have wanted to read it ever since. Maggie is hosting the Southern Reading Challenge, which I joined, and included Mudbound in my list. Since I will be reading this, I REALLY would love to win a copy, especially an autographed copy! However, to be entered for the giveaway, I must come up with a name for my home, and I've always been terrible at coming up with names for things. All day, I have been trying to come up with a creative name for my house, and I'm at a bit of a loss. There is nothing that stands out about its appearance. My house is a fairly common Dallas house. We don't have any outstanding landscaping, no memorable art or decorations inside, and our furniture does not match. What does come to mind when I think about my home is the word "comfy." My favorite place to sit in my entire house is an extremely old recliner that used to be my mom's, and it totally does not match the rest of the decor. It is really comfortable though, so I canNOT get rid of it!

My husband has spent a LOT of time out of town, and he frequenly talks about how great it feels to drive up to our house, open the front door and walk into our home. Though we love to spend time with family and friends, we both tend to be homebodies. It is just so nice to sit on our comfortable furniture, relaxing and talking about our week, our future plans, or reminiscing about the funny stories from college.

So...the best name I can come up with for my home is...Comfort Cove. Though the word "cove" is frequently used to describe a recess in a lake or sea, it is also defined as "a sheltered nook." Even though our house could use a little bit of work, and could definitely benefit from an interior designer, I feel that there is no place better to feel sheltered from the stresses of life than my home!


____Maggie said...

I LOVE IT! It says come on in and rest a while. What a wonderful name. :) Thanks for playing and I hope you win a copy.

nana me said...

I came upon this blog through my Google Blogs Alert for my hometown,
The name of the town is 'Comfort Cove'. It's a small seaside town in Newfoundland , Canada.
I hope you have as much happiness in your 'Comfort Cove'. My Comfort Cove is a town where everyone looks out for their neighbors.


Andi said...

What a great name, and how great that there is actually a town that lives up to your house's name.

Trish said...

And you know--Comfort definitely comes to mind when I think of the south ( I think of the whiskey??). :) I would take a comfy mismatched house over a stark bare house any day!

Bookfool said...

What a sweet, inviting name! I love it. Incidentally, our decorating scheme is mismatched, also. We call our style Danish Modern Eclectic Kitsch. :)

Casa Pearl said...

What a great name - one that would make anyone want to come and visit!

Houston said...

What time's supper at the Cove's big house?

Laura said...

~Maggie--Thank you for hosting the fun contest!

~Margaret--I would love to visit your hometown--it sounds like a wonderful place to live!

~Andi--I had no idea there was a town by the same name--it is a much better name for a town than a house.

~Trish--Leave it to you to make that connection! :) Yeah, it's taking us a bit of time to get rid of the hand-me-down furniture college look, but we're getting there!

~Bookfool--when you have such a great name for your decorating scheme, who cares what it really looks like :)

~Casa Pearl--if not for this contest, I wouldn't have made the connection between your name and your house. What a great idea!

~Houston--whenever someone wants to come over and start cooking!

scrappysue said...

i love the blue sky in that photo! your home looks so welcoming

cj said...

What a great name and it looks like a great place.


Grand Life said...

Its a great name. Hope you have a great week.