Saturday, October 18, 2008

Read-a-thon update: hours 4 & 5

I just finished Rebecca, and it was excellent! I definitely would recommend it as a good read-a-thon read, or an anytime read!

Total pages read: 206

Total time spent reading: 302 minutes

Books completed: 1 (but I had started reading this book before the read-a-thon began)

Mini-challenges entered: 0

Even though I ate cereal around 8, and I've already snacked on some of my delicious gummy bears...I'm starting to get hungry for some lunch. I guess that would make sense since it is noon! I'll have to see if hubby is going to take a break from working to eat with his weirdo wife! :)


sharonanne said...

woohoo. Good job. I love gummie bears even though I always choke on them.

Trish said...

Yay for finishing Rebecca!!! So what's next??

And wow! 5 hours out of 6 spent reading is great--my average hasn't been so great so far. And I'm stinky and need a shower. :P

Dar said...

You're doing great. I'm glad to hear Rebecca is good. I'm going to fit that one in soon. Yummmo-gummy bears.

cj said...

Rebecca is such a great book! Good choice for a read-a-thon.