Saturday, October 18, 2008

Read-a-thon update: hours 6 & 7

Like Trish (except for the opposing team), I have donned my "Wreck 'Em Tech" shirt in support of my Texas Tech Red Raiders, who are playing the Aggies from A & M. It is a pretty close game, and not much time left...

In the last two hours, I haven't done much reading. In between watching football, eating lunch, taking a shower, and doing some laundry, I only managed to read for 35 minutes and 26 pages. Here are my new totals:

Total pages read: 232
Total time spent reading: 237 minutes
Books completed: 1
Mini-challenges entered: 1 (freerice)


Trish said...

Don't you look so cute! ;) I haven't even looked at the score yet. I was going to turn it on for a while while Scott was here but then he left again... Did you eat anything good for lunch?

SJ said...

Hey, that's not bad. You're doing just fine! It's good to take breaks.

(We used to live by Lubbock...we're in MT now, though)


Lisa said...

Headed over from Trish's blog to cheer you on!

Anonymous said...

How dare they schedule footbal during the read-a-thon! ;-)

Happy reading and football watching!

Dar said...

A break is good-it'll get you prepared for more reading. I agree with softdrink though-why would they schedule the game during the read-a-thon. lol.